7 Secrets To Doing World History Homework Better

When you are studying world history there is a lot of reading which can make homework a long and arduous process.

In dealing with a large amount of reading, first of all plan to maximize the amount of time that you have. Before you embark, determine the purpose of the reading so that you approach the assignment with a specific intention.

  1. Focus your time on discovering the answers to questions that may come up from the material you are reading.
  2. It is important to determine the content that is relevant to you so that you can save time that would be spent focusing on irrelevant information. Know the difference between required and suggested reading texts, prioritizing the former first and leaving the latter for any extra time that you have left over. If you are already knowledgeable in the material that you are reading, you will be able to understand the content better and remember it faster. Establish if you have prior exposure to a subject through experience previous reading so that you can determine a basis for your reading.
  3. Divide large texts into smaller segments to ease your task, and spread the work over different days. Allocate 4 pages for the first night for example, and divide the text over a convenient number of days to ensure that you can complete it within the required timeframe. Incorporate reading strategies like scanning and skimming to complete your assignment in the most efficient way.
  4. Outline a general summary of the content that you intend to read. This gives you a broad idea of the text material before you take a more detailed approach, and gives an indication of what information is relevant and what parts of the text can be overlooked. To prepare a summary or overview, go through the text and note down striking information, headings and subheadings, mages and highlighted information. Pay attention to segments written in upper case, italics or bold text, as these are used to draw attention to important points.
  5. Do not ignore images (maps, graphs, pictures etc.). An overview should give you an idea of the main points explored in the text and guide you to read with these in mind. A lot of modern information is presented in a graphic format that incorporates mostly pictures coupled with large facts. Take this style and use it to your advantage.
  6. Skimming refers to moving your eyes quickly across sections of text to get an idea of the main points without delving into the smaller details. Be attentive to text that is presented in a different way (color, font etc.) and read phrases and sentences in each paragraph.
  7. Scanning refers to the identification of a specific point of interest within the reading passage without going through the entire passage. Brush over the text until you are attracted to the words and information that you need so that you can read the related section.

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