Homework Is Killing Me: 10 Simple Tips To Save You

The amount of homework students get is absolutely crazy. The amount of it and the difficulty turn kids away from it. The negative impact makes kids not want to do the work. That causes problems with the student, parent, and school. Even the smartest, brightest student has trouble with homework. Students who suffer from mood swings, learning disabilities, and attention disorders have an even harder time. The not needed stress can make a student disorganize, angry, impatient, and many other things that are not healthy for the student or the parent. Here are 10 simple tips to save you from the stress.

  1. Sensory-motor tricks
  2. This works with kids who are restless and very active. Sitting on an exercise ball helps, chewing gum also helps. Basically, anything to help organize the nervous system helps.

  3. Time Management
  4. If homework is killing you, make sure you have enough time to finish it. Nothing beats good time management. Make sure you are in a distraction-free environment; give yourself plenty of time to complete the assignment. Start with the tough ones first. With good time management, you can turn a hard assignment into an easy one.

  5. Talk with the teacher
  6. It’s ok to admit you’re having a hard time with the assignment. Talk with your teacher and explain to her the problems you are having. You might need a lighter assignment, extra time, or one on one help.

  7. Take a short break
  8. Can’t focus, too tired, too stressed? Take a short break to recharge and then get back to it. Eat a snack to help replenish your brain power.

  9. Rewards
  10. Rewards are more for students but work for parents, too! Reward yourself after completing an assignment. That positive feedback makes you more excited to complete assignments on time and with more attention to details.

  11. Study with a buddy
  12. Stuck on an assignment? Tag teaming it with a friend is a good way to finish it as well as understanding it better.

  13. No social media
  14. That’s right. No Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram, etc. all of these and more are distractions that will divert your attention away from the task at hand. You lose your train of thought and get frustrated because you have to regain that concentration you lost by checking your social media.

  15. No Multitasking
  16. This is a common problem that has an easy fix. Don’t multitask. Tackle one thing at a time and don’t jump from one assignment to the other. It has been proven that students who multi-task assignments have more trouble completing them.

  17. Pay attention in class
  18. The homework or assignment is normally related to what you learned in class that day. Pay attention in class and watch out for signs that the teacher gives to let you know that what she is teaching might be on the homework.

  19. Plenty of rest
  20. This tip seems so simple that people just overlook it. Get plenty of sleep. It’s not just good for you; it’s good for your studying habits. Sleep deprivation is the most common problem with completing homework.

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