How To Write An Essay: What Is Poor Structure?

The academic essay is a work of writing that complies a student writer's thoughts and interpretations about a specific topic into a complete work.

Essays are used by a number of educational institutions to have students comment, explain and/or assess a certain topic in their field of study. In most cases, students complete several essays throughout the course of their academic career. The prevalence of the essay as an assignment makes it one of the most common academic assignments.

The structure of an essay

The essay, like other forms of writing, has its own set of rules students need to follow. One of those key rules is best known as the structure of an essay.

The structure of an essay helps student writers fashion their ideas and thoughts into a cohesive and complete work. It allows those same ideas to be organized in a way that's logical and concise enough for readers to understand.

Most essays follow a structure similar to this, as expressed by an academic resource:

While standard essays typically have three paragraphs, essays in general don't have a set number of paragraphs. The body paragraphs are used to support the argument raised in the introduction, introducing elements like background material, data analysis and counterarguments.

Poor structure in essays

One of the most difficult parts about writing an essay can be establishing the structure. When an essay utilizes poor structure, the essay itself becomes incoherent and unreadable.

Poor structure, in an essay, can involve writing an essay that doesn't have well organized ideas. It can also involve writing one that lacks cohesion, making it unreadable. Some poorly structured essays reiterate the structure of the essay's resources, making the work confused and disjointed. Any instance where the essay itself deviates from the standard essay structure is a poorly structured essay.

Student writers can correct the issues with their essays if they edit after writing. Much of the problems that appear with a poorly structured essay can be easily fixed through a few sessions of editing and revising.

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