Help With Academic Writing: The Purpose Of Lab Report

There is good news and there is bad news when seeking help with your academic writing and determining the purpose of a lab report. The good news is that the contents of every lab report are pretty much the same. It's easy to nominate the various components to be found inside a lab report and give tips and ideas on how they should be written. The bad news is that every college and often, every professor, teacher or tutor, will have a variation on a theme. In other words you need to check with the person in charge of your lab report as to what precisely they want and in which order.

The things that you will find in almost every lab report are as follows.

Now because a lab report can take up a significant amount of the marks you can earn in your particular subject, it's the most important that you create correctly and well. The title page must contain the title of the project, if you have any partners in the experiments and the date. Do not use mumbo-jumbo in creating the title and use as few words as possible. A synopsis in your lab report is just that. Again in as few words as possible you state the purpose of the experiment you are to conduct, what happened as a result of the experiment, and how important that is in a brief conclusion.

The introduction to your lab report and must be short, simple and striking. We know from the synopsis what is coming but here is an opportunity to expand, albeit briefly on that synopsis.

The experiment itself, any materials you would use in conducting the experiment and the way in which you will conduct the experiment are all the essential ingredients. Do not omit any of them. Having listed the procedure or the steps that you would take, you must obviously list what happened as a result of your experience. These are the results.

From all of the above you then create a summary which is the conclusion of your lab report. It's a bit like the who, what, why, when and how. Keep it short and to the point.

And finally there are the add-ons at the end of your lab report in which you list and cite all references used and if you have drawn upon any other resources then these can be listed under further reading.

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