10 tips for writing your homework in no time

There’s no better feeling than getting your homework done quickly and on time. It’s not really difficult to accomplish this if you use just a few of the following 10 tips.

1. Start your homework the same day the assignment is made. It sounds so simple, and it really is. Do at least one thing to get it started. If it’s due the next day, keep at it until it’s finished.

2. Break large assignments up into smaller pieces and assign them to a time and day when they must be accomplished in order to stay on schedule.

3. Choose a quiet, well-organized spot to do your homework in, and always do it there. Don’t try to do homework in front of a TV.

4. Do the hardest part first. Once it’s over and done with, you will fly through the remainder. However if you leave the hardest until last, you may never get the desire to finish it.

5. Don’t let yourself waste time. Ignore distractions and plan for homework time that has very few or no distractions going on.

6. Plan out how much time you think it should take for you to get the homework done and then set a timer for that same amount of time. Each time you find your mind wandering off to other things, look at the timer and it will force you to focus again.

7. Leave your cellphone and other electronics in another room so they will not be a temptation to be distracted.

8. Record every homework assignment and its due date somewhere – paper or electronic – and start a new habit of always checking so that you get homework done quickly and always ahead of schedule.

9. Take a short break between assignments or large parts of assignments so you don’t burn out before all the homework is completed.

10. It’s okay to have small healthy snacks as you work on your assignments; it helps to keep your brain and memory sharp and focused on the task at hand. A good idea for a healthy snack is a fresh vegetable or piece of fruit.

Thinking of the free time you will enjoy once your homework is all completed can be very rewarding. If distractions occur and you find your mind wandering away from the task at hand, don’t get discouraged. Just refocus and get back to work. Your homework will be done before you know it!

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