I Need Help With My Social Studies Homework

Social Studies is an interest of many – as are other areas of historical research. Because of this, there are many avenues you can take to find additional documentation and help with your homework. Where you look matters – and can determine how successful you will be. Consider a few different methods of finding help and additional resources.

Avenues for Additional Social Studies Help

No matter the type of help you need, or how far you are in class, communication is the first part of getting your study needs met. Your professor, teacher’s assistants, and department contacts can help you only if you express your needs. They are all there to help you and can lead you to the right place – but only if you reach out to them. And don’t worry, you will not be the first (or last!) person to contact them about a particular struggle. Contacting them is key to your success in class and in school. You must be open to help – and look for it when you need it!

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