College Personal Essay Writing Tricks And Secrets

There are a number of essay writing tricks and secrets you can use to improve your chances of being successful. Remember you are not alone in writing this type of prose. This is a highly competitive form of writing and you have to use all your wits and expertise to create a winning essay. The following practical tips are designed to help you do just that.

Far too many students try and write War and Peace rather than a snappy personal essay. Less is more. If you have only been allocated between 500 and 1000 words, one really good idea is to select a single important event in your life and base your personal essay around that one event. Trying to mention many events and doing so only in a shallow fashion is not nearly as effective as a detailed description of one event. Find one topic and magnify it.

The person or persons reading your personal essay have seen the clichés done to death hundreds of times before. Lose the clichés. Simple and plain writing which is well structured and interesting will always garner more support than someone who uses flowery language.

Don't be afraid to write quickly when you start to write. If you stop and think about every phrase or every sentence it will take forever for you to complete your essay. Once you have the ideas or idea about which you are going to write, do just that. There will be plenty of time once you've finished writing to go back and make corrections and edit and improve your essay.

You can do a lot of things in writing a personal essay but one thing you must not do is to be boring. Think of yourself as an entertainer. You are on stage and you have to grab the attention of your audience and hold that attention. The person reading your personal essay will drop off to sleep and will lose concentration unless you are entertaining. And one way to make this come true is to think of yourself as a brand or as a product. You are there to be sold. This is an essay which is designed to introduce you to the college you would like to attend. Sell yourself.

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