Book Report Essays – How To Choose An Interesting Modern Author?

When a book report is assigned, the book is often assigned with it. If not, consider yourself extremely fortunate! Getting through a difficult or uninteresting book is often half the battle of completing the report. And because you get to choose which to write about, you can skip that grueling task altogether.

But how do you pick an interesting book? How do you find an author that writes in a way that will interest you? Simply start with the basics.

Instructor Requirements

If there isn’t a specific book listed as required reading for the report, there may be other requirements to consider. Make sure to complete a thorough review of any assignment handouts to make sure that you aren’t required to pick from a specific list, time period, or genre.

Consider Your Favorites

The first place to start when searching for a book that you will find interesting is your reading list. By reviewing what you have both liked and really detested reading in the past, you can make your best book choice.

A few questions to ponder:


Doing a quick web search will generate some great information for picking a worthwhile read. There are many websites dedicated to helping readers find a new favorite – and helping authors share what is great about their latest and greatest authors.

Confirm Your Decision

When you have chosen the book you would like to read, notify your instructor. It is a good idea to keep the instructor in-the-loop about your choice – and this step will ensure that they are given a chance to have you change your selection before you read the entire book.

Read Your Pick

Once you have confirmed your book, it’s time to read it! Though it should still be as enjoyable as reading a book for leisure, it is important that you take note of key themes, events and characters as you read. Also make note of important author facts discussed in the book’s Foreward section.

Additional Reading to Consider

After reading the book, you should consider doing some research on the author as well as the overall literary settings and themes found within the book.

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