College essay tips: what you should write about?

You will receive many tips throughout your academic life on the writing of college essays. Many of these tips will focus on the topic of that essay where you will be given advice on what you should actually write about. There are many websites and other resources which offer you an abundant range of essay topics. It's easy for you to simply peruse these topics and select one or more which appeal to you. Another proven method of success is to make a list of topics which you either hold very dear to your heart or about which you have quite a bit of knowledge.

Let's consider those two topics -- what you like and what you know about. It's a well-known theory taught in all forms of creative writing classes that to learn the craft of writing you should at some stage, and usually in the early stages of your lessons, write about what you know. You don't need to worry about research. You simply write about your life, your pets, your family, your work and any major event which is taking place in your life. Of course you need the usual planning and structure of your essay but you certainly don't need to go wading through reference books and websites to find data for your essay. It's already well and truly in your mind.

And the second tip is to write about what you like. If you have a passion for a particular subject. If you have a burning desire to see something change in society, then writing about it in an essay is good old-fashioned common sense. You won't need inspiration. You won't need somebody to crack the whip and get you to actually write the essay. You'll be jumping out of your skin wanting to put words on paper. It is your passion for a topic which is the driving force for your essay.

Some people will list what you should not write about

While the positive approach is that you should think about what you should choose as a topic, it's also very important that you avoid choosing a topic which is not right for you. The obvious cases would be the opposite situation to those mentioned already. Any topic in which you have no knowledge whatsoever or no interest or passion for in any way shape or form, would not make an ideal college essay topic for you.

Go with what you know and go with what you like. Make a list of these things and from such a list you can choose the topics for you to write about.

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