A Helpful Paper Writing Guide For Undergraduates

Writing a paper as an undergrad has its challenges. The good news is there are a few aspects to help you tackle the task easier with less stress. Often, you are expected to produce high quality papers on your subject matter. But, some students may not be sure on how to do this efficiently. There are three basic steps you can follow that are easy to remember that can help you look at the big picture but from smaller perspectives.

Find a Problem, Issue, or Argument to Address

Before you start writing you need to find something to write about. This means you need to seek something worth researching to present useful details about. This may be a question or argument you can solve through collective research. You may need to brainstorm on some ideas but this will be your purpose or reason for writing your paper. You can consider choosing something of interest or something you wish to learn more about. You should be able to choose something you can find a good amount of details about and present your findings clearly with informative knowledge.

Seek Reputable Sources that Will Help You Answer or Address the Problem

There are various sources available to help you pull your overall concept together for your paper. It is a matter of getting to know reputable options that will provide interesting content and credibility. You should consider making a list based on your field of study prior to starting your assignment. This may include a variety of sources such as government websites, reference books, and journals. Choose your sources wisely and if necessary get an opinion from your instructor. Think about points you will need to address in your paper to help lead you in the right direction.

Gather Notes and Write Paper to Showcase Findings

Once you have taken time to research and gather notes on your topic or problem, you can put your findings together. Consider using an outline to help you organize your findings and break up the assignment into smaller parts. You may use this during the writing process to help you focus on finding content you need. Write a rough draft to get an idea of what you have so far. Then, go back over your content and make necessary revisions. Some may write more than one draft before finalizing content. Edit and proofread before submission.

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