How To Write An Original College Essay On Friendship

The key word here is original. The whole point is that you are to write a college essay on friendship but the words you create have to be unique. And one of the best ways to guarantee that your college essay is original is to make it personal. But that doesn't mean that you have to reveal secret information or give out too much information, but if you can write about your own friendship experiences, then that will guarantee the uniqueness or originality of your work.

And please understand that one of the things in the topic, that is friendship, is that friendships can be found and made and friendships can be lost. So do not tie yourself down to a single aspect of the topic. For instance it would be easy to write an original essay about a lifelong friendship you've had with someone. But just as easily it could be an essay about a friendship which has been broken or lost.

The general rules and principles still apply

Of course in creating an original college essay on friendship will require you to be unique. But it will also require you to follow the general rules and the basic principles. This means that you will need an outline or plan from which you will write your essay. And the various components of your essay which are the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion will be listed on your outline.

Then you need to insert ideas underneath each of the headings or subheadings in your outline. To make these really effective you need to find an approach to the topic of friendship. As mentioned above, there are different aspects to friendship.

Once you have decided which angle or slant you will take to the topic, you are then in a position to fill in your outline and begin the actual writing of your original college essay.

It could be fictional

Of course writing an essay on friendship does not require you to write from real-life. You don't have to regurgitate your own personal experiences of friendships won or lost. It's possible to create an essay on the theme or subject of friendship. Where would you get ideas for this?

By going online and doing a search on the topic of friendship will certainly provide you with a wealth of information. Also you could look at other essays which have been written on this topic and try to get ideas from those. The whole idea of being of course that you find the right approach to the topic and then stick to it like glue.

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