Assignments Help is Not So Easy to Find

Every year more and more high school students graduate and get admitted into colleges and universities with little knowledge about how to compose a coherent writing assignments. This is an extremely unfortunate example of where the educational system is continuing to fail students and let them slip by under the radar. Did you know that over 50% of college students admit to not knowing how to complete a formal essay on the first day of classes?

This shocking poll revealed that, many freshmen did not learn how to complete properly formatted writing assignments until well into their first semester in College or University. This unfortunate reality demonstrates where the educational curriculum in high school is failing. Basic writing skills, which used to be taught, are becoming extinct while most instructors become more and more accepting of sub-par writing assignments.

How This Is Impacting Education

The individuals are most negatively impacted by this revelation are the students themselves. That of which are floundering with failing grades as they are expected to compose coherent reports, for most of their college coursework. This can have detrimental effects to their overall GPA and self esteem. It is no wonder that more and more of these students are dropping out within the first year or opting to purchase written assignments online to get a passing grade.

Many instructors like to believe that these things are not happening; in fact most teachers turn a blind eye to the growing trend of students paying for essay assignments. Apparently, the cost of a proper education is getting higher, because along with paying expensive tuition for sub-par instruction students also need to pay writers to complete their essays and get a passing grade.

Getting Writing Help

I am sick of hearing about instructors who advocate an “open door policy” on the first day of class, but when students come to them for writing help they have a big fat “do not disturb” sign on their office door. If instructors are not willing to provide students with the help that they need, who is going too?

It is extremely unjust, that even after paying outrageous tuition students need to seek out alternative tutoring to complete their written projects. The truth is, that good assignment writing help is not easy to come by. The only sure thing that most students have left to do is form study groups to help one another improve their writing grades.

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