How to Find Researchable Dissertation Topics in Psychology

When you are setting out to write your psychology dissertation you need to make sure the topic you choose is something you have a passion for. There really isn’t a certain way that you must follow to choose your dissertation topic for your psychology paper. It all depends on your skills, perception, knowledge, and aptitude how you can choose your topic. There are several ways that you can choose a topic and narrow it down to something easier to write on. The most basic procedure for choosing a dissertation topic is as follows:

  1. Think about what particular branch of psychology you’d like to conduct research in. For example: behavioral, abnormal, or educational psychology, or even adolescent delinquency. This is your very first step in conducting research. Be sure that the field you have chosen really is your favorite and that you have plenty of resources to conduct a study in that field. You ask yourself why you want to do a study in this area and what the benefits of the study will be.
  2. Next, you should decide about the particular topic, which you can use the brainstorm procedure for this. You can figure out the most appropriate and most suitable topic in one single sitting, or it may take several days. Sometimes, you may spend lots of time debating on what topic to write about, but never come up with anything, but the idea will slip up unintentionally. Once you have decided on the specific topic, you must ask yourself why you want to conduct a study on that topic and what the benefits would be of conducting a study on that particular topic.
  3. Finally, you should create a research problem based on the topic you have chosen. Coming up with a problem is required because psychology is a very broad field and rather than choosing a broad subject to study, you should research a specific problem. Once you have decided this, you must ask why you want to research this particular problem, where you plan on conducting the study, the length of time it will take to study the problem, and when you will be able to start the research. Make sure that the problem you have come up with is narrow enough to be specific so that you can better complete your research on time. This is required information to come up with a really great dissertation topic for your psychology paper.

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