10 Not-So-Obvious Pros And Cons Of Homework

Homework has often elicited hot debate regarding its necessity in the life of a student and in many of such instances, teachers have often been pitted against parents. In this regard, the advantages and disadvantages of school work assignments which students are supposed to do at home have always emerged as central issues pitting two vehemently disagreeing parties against each other. While parents have more often than not seen the exercise as largely a waste of time, teachers on the other end have a backing for their actions and the debate rages on. Well, as many as the pros and cons may seem to be, there are particular ones which need an after-thought and perhaps a comprehensive evaluation as to where homework for students should be totally scrapped off or retained altogether. In this article, we take a dive in some of these pertinent issues and we start by looking at the pros of assignments.

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