Great Places to Get Answers to My Math Homework

You may lack time to do your math homework, or you may just want to check whether your solution is right. In either case, you have several great options to get answers to your math problems.

Textbook Answer Websites

By simply typing “math homework answers” in the search engine line, you will get links to many websites that contain sets of answers to textbook problems. If your textbook is a popular one, perhaps you will have to go no further than your first search page. Otherwise, you may have to modify your search by adding the textbook author’s name.

The accuracy of such answers may be an issue of doubt. Look for websites that are verified in some way, or use recommendations by your fellow students to pick a trustworthy resource.

Answers to some textbooks may not be available online. In this case, consider buying a teacher’s addition to your textbook.

Study Guides

Some textbooks have study guide supplements that you can access online. A study guide contains not only answers but step-by-step explanations of how they were obtained. This feature can be particularly useful if you have to “defend” your solution in class or submit a paper explaining it.

A study guide can be found by key words in any search engine.

Answer Keys

Textbook answer keys may be uploaded in the most unexpected places – from student forums to file exchangers. Search them by the phrase “answer keys” and the textbook author’s name.

The answer keys will help you check your homework assignment fast. However, you can’t be absolutely sure in their accuracy, so try different sets of answers from different sources. There must be several math questions which you are confident about. If the answers to them in this particular set are right, then you may probably use other answers as well.

Textbook Additions

If you can’t find answers to your textbook online, you still can purchase a teacher’s addition to it. This way you may be 100% sure that the answers are accurate and that you will always have them close at hand any time you need them. The drawbacks are that a teacher’s book may be expensive and that you may have to wait several days for it to be delivered, so it is better to place your order beforehand.

If the book is too expensive for you, you may pool resources with your friends who study math in the same class and who would also like to get a constant access to trustworthy homework answers.

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