English homework: grammar and spell-check techniques

English homework that has been carefully put together deserves the final finishing touches that will make it perfect. This means proofreading carefully and paying close attention to any areas that can benefit from editing. If this doesn’t come naturally to you, follow the steps below to achieve your objective.

Let the software help you

Whatever software you use to type up your homework, there will almost always be a spell checking feature that can assist you in making corrections. The most obvious errors will be underlined in red so that you notice them almost immediately. Right clicking will lead you to options on how to spell your misspelled word correctly. This is so simple that it can easily lull you into a false sense of security. This is what makes the next step even more important.

Read it all over aloud

When you fix your first few mistakes with the software you may end up with remaining errors that only become obvious when you hear them. For instance, “hone with the win” rather than “Gone with the Wind”. These are obvious when you read them out loud but will get missed by a computer.

Pick up a dictionary

Some of the mistakes you make may result from misuse of a word that you do not fully understand the meaning of. If any of the words you use are a little unfamiliar, refer to a dictionary to see if the meaning actually suits your purpose. Feel free to use smaller, simpler words if they convey your meaning just as well or better. This can also help you avoid unfortunate double meanings which may distract the reader.

Ask for some help

Some of the points addressed above can be easier to notice if you have a friend to help you with the process. Your co-editor will need to be experienced in writing so that they add something to the process. Try not to pick your assistant based on attractiveness or personality alone because your homework will suffer as a result. Hang out with that other person after your homework is complete.

Your mistakes each present you with an opportunity to learn more about English and become a much more rounded student. By attending to them carefully you create opportunities for your own academic advancement in this and other subject areas.

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