Free Online Chemistry Homework Help: Why Are Many People Against It?

Chemistry can sometimes be a very difficult subject for high school and college students to master. That’s why so many students seek free online assistance on their chemistry homework from one of the hundreds of websites that offer help services.

But online chemistry homework websites are not welcomed by all. As with anything in the world, technology has both its up sides and down sides when it is incorporated into education. There is no question that technology has made homework more convenient, but those against homework help websites feel that this convenience is exactly what works against students’ learning.

Here are just a few of the reasons why so many people are against free online chemistry homework:

  1. Help websites rarely give any reason as to why a student has gotten an answer wrong, and only provides the correct answer.
  2. Online help websites tend to put more emphasis on the final answer and not the methodology used to arrive at the answer.
  3. Being able to submit answers several times until a student arrives at the correct solution can lead to adopting a trial and error strategy that works against critical thinking.
  4. If students aren’t keeping track of their notes or the steps described in the textbook then they miss out on both valuable learning tools and will do poorly on tests.
  5. Process errors in chemistry computations can cause difficulties for both a student and an instructor trying to figure out the work that led up to solutions.
  6. The issue of cheating is in a gray area since answers are being given and handed in as a student’s original work.
  7. There is no guarantee that you are getting help from an expert in the field.
  8. Online homework sites are rarely free 100% of the time and can be taking advantage of a student’s need to improve grades or keep up in class.

These are just a few of the reasons why there are so many people who are against online homework assistance, and the debate will likely continue as long as homework help sites exist. Perhaps the best approach to the issue is realizing that assistance is needed but students should take the initiative to make sure they use online help supplement learning and not as a quick and easy way to get answers.

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