Finding Reliable Scholarly Sources for Research Papers

Coming up with a topic for your paper can be easier than what most people think. Jotting down points that you think will aid in your argument is easy enough to do as well. The hard thing about constructing a well-crafted essay is finding research to back up your claims. While you think your points are logical it can sometimes be hard to locate reliable sources that ground your claims. When looking for credible sources that aid your argument you have to know where to look, which is many people downfall. Many people often turn to Wikipedia and other sites that are not considered reliable. If you are someone who does not know where to look, this article will aid you in finding reliable scholarly sources for your research paper.

There are many ways one can locate a credible scholarly source. One way is to search the internet public library. You can do a general web search to find the service. Once you go to this online library, you can click on what's known as the research guide. This guide makes recommendations on credible websites that will aid you in developing your paper. You can also go to google and search under their scholarly sources. If you go into their advanced search options you can also exclude results that do not en in .org or .edu.

Another way you can get great sources is to look at the materials you have already accessed. Many websites list their sources references in the bibliography. The bibliography usually has a number of sites which you may find beneficial. When looking for scholarly source be sure that any site you reference is up to date You don't want old information from a website that was last edited in 1987.

When searching for such sources make sure you utilize keywords. Keywords should pertain to your thesis or main ideas related to your thesis. This will help narrow the focus of your search so only relevant information comes back to you upon the search. If you get stuck you can always do a search for scholarly sources on the web. A number of resources, not discussed in this article, will become available to you. The key to a good paper is great resources that will back you up every time.

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