Scholarship Essay Ideas: Consider Your Audience

Are you struggling with your scholarship essay? Most students do. The stress that comes from needing money is one felt by almost every person on the planet, student or not. When you don’t have the time to take on a job after classes, or you’re already working and can’t take more shifts, school expenses can overwhelm you quickly. Even just rent and food money can add up fast. If you’ve realistically sat down and realized you need some help with paying for your education, you’re not alone. Getting help with writing an essay for a scholarship is thankfully very easy. You can receive that scholarship money if you follow some key tips for making your essay great.

Audience for a Scholarship Essay

Your audience is the foundation that’s hosting the contest. Look up their website and find more about why their organization was founded, who it’s for, and what they stand for. Read about events they’ve hosted, people they’ve helped, charities or other schools they’ve donated to, and anything else you can find out. Having as much information as possible about them will help you to write specifically with the foundation in mind.

This is important because appealing to their interests, passions and causes will grab their attention and make them think you’re worth it. It’s human nature: when you find someone of like mind who appreciates and cares about the same things or people that you care about, you make a connection. You need to make that connection through the words of your essay.

Writing a Brilliant Scholarship Essay

Now that you have your audience in mind, it’s time to start writing! When you do, it’s helpful to quote from books the audience might have read, or mention events they know about. Getting as much familiarity in there as you can will show that you care and the professionalism will really help your case. Write about yourself and be honest, but at the same time you should be writing what your audience wants to hear. Show them that you are capable and confident. Your future contribution to the field of your choice is what matters most to them. What will you use your education for? When a person or organization wants to help fund student’s dreams, they really do care about the childhood memories that made you want to be a doctor, or the fascination you have with mathematics.

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